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Sept. 2014

Peoria Journal Star
Dec. 2014

For 28 years the Sun Foundation’s programs and special events have enjoyed the delicious food of Connie Randall/A Matter of Taste. Connie is an artist creating and preparing the foods of many cultures. She paints bright joyous food palettes with a gracious and warm flair. – Joan Erickson/ Sun Foundation

For almost twenty years, the team at a Matter of Taste has provided us with fantastic food, fantastic service, and fantastic friendships.  We know them all by name.   Whether it be a sit down dinner for eight or a large party for a hundred plus guests, Connie and her team make everyone feel at ease, most importantly us!  Know that her food will make your guests feel like family.   There is no higher compliment.  We always get rave reviews. - Stan and Cathy Butler

I have known Connie for over 20 years and know her to be a high quality and high service provider to her customers. Her food, her catering services and her customer service attitude is always based on treating the customer with honesty, loyalty and dependability. She has catered for our wedding reception, for our son's wedding, and for various events throughout the past 20 years.  These include taking advantage of her soup subscription and ordering individual dishes for various smaller events.  Dishes such as a vegetarian mediterranean pasta meal for a holiday open house.  It was so good it disappeared within the first 30 minutes after we put it on the table! Many asked if there was more pasta, which looking back I should have known they would want extra helpings.  I certainly will remember that next time, knowing how tasty all of her meals are! -Pam Bloom

Overall, we are beyond pleased with the events that The Matter of Taste has Catered in our home.  The result has been:
  -- Great food
  -- Willingness to customize to meet our needs
  -- Gracious wait staff that focused on our guests
  -- Easy to do business with
  -- Great value

Bottom line -- having A Matter of Taste cater an event is like "having elves" -- 30 minutes before the event, the kitchen is barren and 30 minutes after the event the kitchen is barren.  However, the event had wonderful food, wonderful service and wonderful servers. - John Amdall

Back in the mid 1980s, I was delighted to discover "a Matter of Taste" and its gourmet chef, Connie Randall.  I owned Junction Gallery and hired her to prepare food for the large numbers of people who attended art opening events over many years.  Not only were her suggestions for savory foods varied, interesting, and always fresh from the farmer's markets, but colorful and exquisitely presented with creative flair. She understands food fashion, for sure!

The results of her labors have always been greeted with pleasure and healthy appetites - I know, because she has done many dinners for smaller groups in my home. She has developed a trove of delicious recipes, literally, for all seasons and every occasion.  Always with an eye to "fresh", Connie has the experience to choose the best from the organic edible garden for fresh vegetables and delicious, crisp salads.  Sauteed, baked, grilled, braised - her entrees are always purchased from quality markets, flavorfully seasoned to tease the palate.

Two weeks ago, I had a party for 25.  Because I fancy myself a "cook in training", I wanted to prepare the entrees.  Connie gladly filled in the rest - appetizers, creamy Lyonnaise potatoes, and several salads - my favorite was a black bean, wheat berry, edamame salad with a lemon vinaigrette.  I was elated that she would work with me, enhancing my effort with her tasty specialties.

Talking about "specialities" - Shall I carry on about Connie's "desserts"?  No, you'll just have to engage her for a party, large or small, and find out for yourselves just how "sweet" her "sweets' are. - Marilyn Copp

Connie Randall, A Matter of Taste Catering has catered events for us over the past 10 years. Connie is extremely helpful in planning the event menu.  Her suggestions incorporate seasonal availability with attention to complimentary flavors, nutrition and presentation. The food and service are always a big hit with our guests. - Bill and Kathy Rohner

Connie and her staff have catered for my husband & I on several occasions for large holiday parties & special events. We really appreciate Connie's personalized approach when she assists us with planning a menu for our parties. Her menu is quite variable & offers something for everyone. The day of the party Connie arrives with ample staff to assist with prep, serving and clean up.  The food is excellent, the staff very courteous and attentive to our guests and we always receive accolades about the food and service for many weeks after our parties.  It is so nice to relax & enjoy your own party, knowing that our guests are being well cared for! - Joe & Tammy Sarmiento

We used A Matter of Taste to cater our wedding in July and we could not have been happier with the food and service. We actually chose a venue around A Matter of Taste because we wanted a choice in our wedding food. Many venues have their own caterers and the food is always sub par. Not our wedding food! Everything was elegantly presented, the food was fresh and fabulous, and we received rave reviews from all of our guests. Connie took the time to sit down with us and made sure we would have everything we wanted while making sure to stay within our budget. A Matter of Taste is a small business that delivers in a big way! - Erin & Jon Lontai

Thank you A Matter Of Taste for catering the Central Illinois Youth Symphony / CIYS's fundraiser Vino in Vienna! The food was absolutely delicious, I can't wait to work with you again! - Amy Zordan‎ 

Connie is a culinary virtuoso! A true original and, many would insist, totally genius. If you want a beautifully customized and uniquely "you" catering presence at your wedding or upcoming event, then there is absolutely no one else in town that can deliver like A Matter of Taste. They are the quintessential boutique (read: "rustic, fresh, stylish, personalized, edgy, home-made-with-love, expressive and memorable") catering service in Peoria (and probably in the region!) I will never forget Connie's role in my wedding weekend. The food was beautiful and delicious and the service was above-and-beyond. It truly felt like our wedding dinner represented us as a couple, not to mention gave that extra-special sparkle of Connie's aura. She will make your event dinner Pinterest worthy! She is a joy and her food is pure joy. It's about the experience too, so let her help you create something new, flavorful & expressive! Thank you, Connie. You are an incredible woman and we were so honored to have you and the Matter of Taste family with us for our big day! - Shannon Moore Shepherd

The best world cuisine food artist with the BIGGEST heart ever! Connie is so great to work with! She's professional, quick, thoughtful and provides a personal touch with each and every client she caters for. Her passion comes alive with her colorful and delicious presentations. - Jeremie Draper

The best (hands down) catering in Peoria and surrounding counties! - Perry Ehlen

Awesome, fresh, exceptional caterer! If you want something special, delicious, and miles above other caterers, this is the place to go. Connie is so helpful in customizing your menu especially for your event. Highly recommend! – Kim Walden Snarr

Connie catered our wedding and we haven’t stopped working with her since. Whether we ask her to prepare wholesome meals for us when we’re swamped with work or to create delicious desserts for a party, Connie’s food is beyond compare. – Doug and Eileen Leunig

From the scheduling and planning of an event, large or small, Connie is innovative, enthusiastic and energetic as she transforms entertaining into a worry free pleasure. She makes a social gathering sparkle in every way. – Michael Slaughter



A Matter of Taste Catering
Connie Randall
838 E. Glen Avenue
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

309.682.3663 (kitchen)
309.231.7772 (cell)


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